Scholarship Essay

If you want to maximize your financial aid package, you’ll need to write some great scholarship essays. The essay portion of a scholarship application is frequently the scariest and most dreaded part for applicants. Many students do not like writing and are especially uncomfortable with writing about themselves. However, the scholarship essay is one of the most important aspects that selection committees review when choosing scholars. After the applications have been narrowed down by grades and various eligibility requirements, all applicants would look the same if the essays were not included. The scholarship essay is the element that can set one student apart from another, and it is a good idea to keep some tips in mind when writing the essay.

Scholarship Essay Tips

The first thing you should do after selecting an essay topic is to make an outline. Structure is very important because it shows the judges that you can organize your thoughts in a meaningful manner. It also keeps you from digressing and shows you how much space you have to discuss various points. Once you know what you want to write about, make sure you do not exaggerate or sound pretentious. The scholarship essay is what makes each applicant unique. You want to make sure you grab the attention of the judges, not make them question the sincerity of your essay. Always be as specific as you can when describing activities and interests; you want the selection committee to know that you were a leader in a school club, not just a member, or that you took the initiative to solve a problem in the community, not that you just volunteered your time with a particular organization.

Finally, you’ll want to proofread your essay. (Here’s how.) A good scholarship essay is more than just the personal information that is put down in writing, it shows that you take the time to follow instructions and do things properly.

Last Updated: 07/28/2014